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Who are we?

Oh Hey Void is a small group of visual storytellers focused on sharing interesting stories with interesting people. We believe stories should include immersive worlds, dynamic characters, and great visuals that captivate the imagination.


Birthed to the void (aka; the internet) in Aug 2019 our purpose has always been to tell stories in the digital age. With the use of 3D Design, Comics, Animation, Web3, AI Synthography, and XR we explore what it means to be a storyteller in the 21st Century.


The exploration of story and technology excites the imagination and pushes the boundaries of what is possible for humanity. With every tale, we might just get closer to answering the 3 big questions. Why are we here? Who are we? And who the hell made the rules?

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Founder, Creative Producer


Amber enjoys stories that make an audience consider multiple points of view and explores the nuances of dialogue, character development, and world-building. When she's not designing 3D characters, AI prompting, or writing the bible for our next world, she's happiest taking mid-day naps, contemplating philosophical nonsense, or running into furniture while fleeing VR bad guys.


Creative Producer

Jayson's stories of choice are real-world tales and epic visual masterpieces. A documentary fiend and autodidact Jayson enjoys anything that excites his brain. When he's not 3D designing or planning our latest marketing strategy he enjoys being in nature, playing tennis, dancing to music, and cooking up a new recipe for life.



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