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AI-Images to Blender Brushes (Step By Step)

AI-Images are a hot topic in terms of ethics, copyright, and purpose. We've figured out how to use our Midjourney art to create custom blender brushes.

This way we can create custom tools that no one else has floating on the internet. We also utilize a creative tool, that quite frankly, isn't going away. All while appeasing the debate of "how should AI art be used by creatives?"

You can get a step by step written guide over at our friends, Article is titled How to Create Custom Brushes in Blender Using AI Images.

You can also watch our quick tutorial that walks through the entire process visually on youtube.

Don't forget you can get all of these brushes made in the video when you sign up for our 3D STUDY GUIDE. A google drive that we update with cool stuff including Character Design tutorial cliff-notes and assets we make that other's should have acces too.

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